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Where is the hustle?

The first post is the most difficult. Creating lines of HTML, or thanks to the software guys out there, lines of text to be automatically formatted, on a white screen can be intimidating.


But do you know what is more intimidating?


The lack of hustle I see in my generation in the world of manufacturing and the consequences that it will bring in a few years. That my friends, that is intimidating. YouTube is filled with ads preaching the gospel of "hustle", business gurus (looking at you Gary V.) highlighting the benefits of hustle, and now my generation is now obsessed with the idea of "hustle". While this is a beneficial thing for society as a whole, a very small percentage of these "hustlites" are practicing the doctrine, especially in the world of manufacturing. Boil down manufacturing, and we are still moving slow when it's compared to the world around us. We are on the brink of Manufacturing 4.0, and we hear all about the world of connectivity and the Internet of Things, IoT, but the instances of successful and useful application of these technologies are still very slim. If my generation can go from being taught to not talk to strangers on the internet, or get into cars with strangers, and now 10 years later we are using the internet to summon strangers to give us rides (a one-time $68b idea, now down to around $50b), we should be able to augment the assembly line more than LED AndOn lights and a few new innovations to catch bad parts leaving the line. Let's start to apply hustle in manufacturing and start to realize even more of the benefits that manufacturing holds.


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